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OxfordshireChildren's Services Procedures Manual

Leaving Care Setting Up Home Allowance


Setting up Home Leaflet

Setting up Home Postcard


In January 2019, this procedure was updated throughout to reflect local practice.


  1. Purpose
  2. Amount Available to Access
  3. Age of Access
  4. Administration
  5. Monitoring
  6. Setting Up Home Allowance Running Balance Inventory List

1. Purpose

This policy applies to Former Relevant Young People that are leaving the care system and needing to set up home as independent adults. (N.B. this is not a policy for LAC 16/17 yr olds changing placements).

2. Amount Available to Access

£2000 for essential setting up home items or other items based on assessed need and agreed with a team manager or area manager.

3. Age of Access

17.5 yrs until 25 yrs.

4. Administration

  • Care leavers can approach the local authority for assistance to set up home until 25yrs (including those closed at 21yrs) to allow for changing needs and circumstances over time e.g. uni, lease ending, post 18yrs foster placements, prison stays and "2nd chances" due to previous mistakes made or chaotic periods.

We will work alongside you to prepare you for your move into independent living only when you are ready. We will help you think about the choices available and to find accommodation that is right for you. We will do everything we can to ensure you are happy and feel safe when you move to independent living. We recognise that at different times you may need to take a step back and start over again. We will do our best to support you until you are settled in your independent life; we will not judge you for your mistakes or refuse to advise you because you did not listen to us before. We will work proactively with other agencies to help you sustain your home. To find you a home - Charter for Care Leavers 2013

  • Items are purchased for or with the young person as far as possible as needs arrive. OCC are exploring the use of top up cards for procurement of items. Combinations of corporate credit cards and invoicing to procure items in the interim is required;
  • Lump sum payments are not made for any unspent monies on the understanding that the young person would have accessed the appropriate items needed to address their housing set up needs whilst working with them;
  • The Allowance can be used to pay for damages and deposits (where other schemes are not available) in order to support y/p to progress to secure stable accommodation.

5. Monitoring

The Setting Up Home Allowance Running Balance Inventory List to be competed with each request and uploaded onto client file. Any requests for allowance should be undertaken with this as a guide.

Final Pathway Plans for those closing at 21yrs must record this information so that any requests for help prior to 25yrs can be accommodated. The Setting Up Home Allowance Brochure should be given to young people 18 + and if closing at 21yrs.

The Assistant Team Manager will monitor spending patterns and national changes in policy and implementation via National Leaving Care Benchmarking Forum to ensure consistency and appropriate use.

Policy to be reviewed annually and monitored by the Cicc and Corporate Parenting Panel to ensure the policy is fair and effective.

6. Setting Up Home Allowance Running Balance Inventory List

To be kept on file and updated between 17.5 yrs and 25 yrs of age so that setting up home items can be procured as an when the needs arises.

The following is a guide, which should be made available to a young person who is setting up home. The agreed list will be identified in the pathway path following assessment of their needs. Consideration will be given to the manner in which some of these items can be procured in an attempt to make the budget spread as wide far as possible. Recycling sites and pre-loved furniture stores should also be considered.

The list is not exhaustive and may have to extend to take into account of special circumstances/needs.

£25 for initial food purchases. This payment is for items such as tea, coffee, herbs, sauces, washing power, cleaning materials etc.

Items Approx. Amount Actual Amount & Date spent
Cutlery £7.20  
Kettle £5.69  
Toaster £8.00  
Pots and pans (5 piece) £10.00  
Utensils £9.63  
Knives for preparing food £10.00  
Chopping boards £8.00  
Radio Alarm Clock £9.00  
Kitchen bin £15.00 - £20.00  
Cooker £300.00  
Fridge/Freezer £200.00  
Towels £10.00  
Linen £4.99  
Bath mats £7.99  
Duvets/pillows/matt protector £52.98  
Sheets/cases x 2 £30.00  
Bed £250.00  
Curtains £20.00  
Wardrobe £30.00  
Carpet, underlay and fitting £600.00  

Hygiene and care
Washing up bowl and drainer £16.99  
Dustpan and brush £9.99  
Bucket and mop £14.99  
Vacuum Cleaner (if not supplied) £32.96  
Iron and Board £20.00  
Hot water bottle and cover £7.99  
Blanket £15.99  
Clothes airer £9.99  
Washing Machine £200.00  
General items
Furniture - sofa and table/chairs £199.00  
1st year Contents insurance also for those in independence pre 18years) Approx:
£48.00 - £78.00
Removal expenses £100.00  
Fitting costs of gas and electrical appliances £20.00  
H & S kit - first aid kit, fire blanket, door chain, spare key £20.00  
Decorating grant £20 £20.00  
TV licence 1 year or internet or prepaid dongle to same value    
Running Balance
Total spend at 21/25yrs: (approx. £2000)  

Has a deposit been paid if unable to access a deposit scheme?
Please give the details of the amount and the landlord:

What agreements have been made with the young dependant on their needs?