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OxfordshireChildren's Services Procedures Manual

Protocol for Using the Single Assessment Process

This protocol outlines the process for using the single assessment in Assessment teams:

  1. Prior to the assessment visit taking place, the assessment senior practitioner will discuss the case with the social worker and based on the information available regarding the presenting issues, the nature of the assessment to be undertaken and the plan for how this will be done, the target date for completion of the Child and Family Assessment will be decided and the date to review progress of the assessment will be agreed;
  2. This first review date will be within 10 days and will always include the social worker seeing the child;
  3. The case will be discussed again at the first review and further plans made. These might include:
    • No further assessment being required;
    • Further work being needed;
    • A change of direction being required e.g. a strategy meeting.
  4. If no further work is required the social worker will complete their recording and send the Child and Family Assessment for sign off by the team manager or assistant team manager;
  5. If further work is required a second review date will be set, the work needing to be completed will be agreed and the social worker's line manager (TM or ATM) will be invited to the review via their calendar and a note of this made on FWi (case notes);
  6. The second or any subsequent reviews will be completed by the social worker and their line manager and further plans and review dates made until the completion of the assessment.
  7. The completion date will always be within a maximum of 35 working days in the most complex cases, and will be sooner in less complex cases;
  8. Cases allocated for assessment will be discussed in supervision if this falls within the timescales of the assessment so the line manager has oversight of the assessment process following the first review;
  9. Completed assessments will be passed to the team manager or assistant team manager for sign off in the usual way.