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OxfordshireChildren's Services Procedures Manual

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All Children
Early Help and Thresholds for Children's Social Care Services
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Early Help Assessment Form April 2017
Early Help Assessment April 2017
Oxfordshire Threshold of Needs April 2017
Team Around the Family Meeting Form April 2017
Team Around the Family Closure Form April 2017
Children's Social Care - Assessment and Planning
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Report to Safeguarding LAC Panel March 2018
Children in Need Transfer Letter - Appendix 5 Protocol for case management October 2018
Child in Need
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There are currently no forms in this category.N.A.
Child Protection and Family Support
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Guidance for strategy discussions on open cases where safeguarding incident February 2017
Court Proceedings
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Social Work Evidence Template June 2016
Social Work Evidence Template - Final Statement June 2016
Guidance on Initial and Final Social Work Statements June 2016
Care Plan Headings June 2016
Parenting Assessment Plan June 2016
Complaints and Whistleblowing
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Title: When Inserted:
Trafficking Protocol revised June 2016 March 2017
Trafficking Toolkit for Practitioners March 2017
Guidance on PREVENT April 2017
Case Management and Recording
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Casework supervision template October 2018
Template to record frequency of supervision & visits October 2018
Template for personal supervision of managers October 2018
Template for personal supervision of staff October 2018
Naming convention for uploaded files February 2018
Signs of Safety Planning template October 2018
Complex case planning template October 2018
Children in Particular Circumstances
Children with Disabilities
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Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children
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Children who go Missing
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Consent Letter June 2016
FAROH - Information and Referral Form June 2016
Intentionally Homeless Checklist June 2016
Letter for Referred Intentionally Homeless Family June 2016
Provision of Accomodation Document June 2016
No Recourse to Public Funds Checklist June 2016
No Recourse to Public Funds Consent Form June 2016
Homeless EU and EEA Nationals Checklist June 2016
Family and Friends Care
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Young Carers
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Looked After Children
Decision to Look After and Care Planning
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Entry to Care Panel Terms of Reference October 2018
Entry to Care Panel Form October 2018
s20 Agreement March 2017
s 20 Guidance for workers March 2017
Permanence Planning and Long Term Fostering Guidance May 2017
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Monitoring and Reviews
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Volunteer Independent Visiting and Advocacy Service (VIVA) guidance October 2017
Resolution and Escalation Alert Form March 2018
Contact and Overnight Stays
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Education, School Trips and Holidays
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Process for Personal Education Plans (PEPs) May 2017
Health and Wellbeing
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Initial Health Assessment - social worker referral template October 2018
Change of Name and Marriage
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Leaving Care and Transition
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Suitable Housing Checklist May 2017
Standard letter for Housing Benefit October 2017
Youth Offending
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Fostering and Adoption
Fostering Services
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Guidance for foster carers becoming Shared Lives carers Jan 2018
Adoption and Permanence Services
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Briefing on adoption and permanence panel ADM process March 2017
Top tips for a smooth panel process Sept 2017
Briefing on Adoption and Permanence Panel and ADM processes
Special Guardianship
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Contacts, List of Agency Decision Makers and Appendices
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Scheme of Delegation March 2018